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Last Stand

So you wanna be a hero, eh? You want to get on out of this town, and see the wide world? Marvel at the majestic Veil of Tears? Or see a sunrise through the frozen cloud fog that climbs from the stacks of the Coldforge of Druith’kan? You fancy yourself a soldier? HA! Tell me how to find the Crawling Fortress, and i’ll believe you can handle a tour of duty in the Crimson Ditch.

There’s some things you need to know first, kiddo. Like what? How about how to tell a Blooded from a freshly risen corpse? You wouldn’t last twenty four hours out there on your own, my little lamb.
Here’s a bit of stuff I learned during my time here.

Our tale starts here

Last Stand Pantheon Kin’varos Smith Family Glimyr
Lidar Shadow of the Throne Warforged Belias Smith
Unclaimed The Tide Raymond the Black Kro’Vax
High Barrows Golden Conclave Alpha
Shade Cove Platinum Throne Emperor
Riders of Rey’Leiar Sage
Glass Arrows Okni Pahk
Daughters of the Blind Queen Knight of Shadows
Section 8 Sliniss’Khan
Thurallin’avaas Tyrone
Crimson Fork

Home Page

Last Stand Morphius