Last Stand

The Truth Shall Set Them Free

a night of wine, women, song and child slavery

The Firstborn manages to sneak their way onto Gold Isle, and finagle a way to get into a large dinner party, hosted by the Bastet Family. Posing as servers(Ashen and Lucien), taking a break from jobs at unrelated houses (Cro and Roel) or being a guest to someone who was invited (Belias), they all arrive at the party.

Upon entering the Bastet household, they eventually see that a subtly crafted illusion has been cast over the house. Using a powerful teleportation spell, each guest to the ball is shifted to the Kilnier household, which has been hidden under the guise of the Bastet house.

The Bastet, being the most powerful magic using family in Last Stand, created the elaborate ruse to protect their property from being looked at too closely. Due to free flowing and powerful liquor, the illusion isn’t noticed by the majority of the partygoers.

After mingling for a couple of hours, and examining the accessible areas on their own, the Firstborn wait until the drink has taken hold of the guests. In the study, they notice beneath the illusion, a large chandelier that bears an expertly cut emerald the size of a wagon, the controlling stone to the bracers placed on the child laborers.

The Firstborn make their way to the basement, where they uncover a secret passage leading deeper into the island. As they cautiously make their way down, they notice the tempurature rising. After a couple hundred yards, they discover the cause of the heat: a river of lava!

The rough stone walls of the chamber house a unique vein of mineral, which is being mined by a couple malnourished children. Knowing they have to stop the atrocity, the Firstborn grab one of the children, along with a sample of the ore, and flee, running across a rope bridge spanning the lava. They manage to elude the taskmasters who are chasing them, and end up crossing into a one way teleportation chamber, which deposits them behing Tong’s Brewery.

Knowing that they must seek sanctuary right away, the Firstborn head to the only place they trust: Grellig’s bar. Upon arrival, they are taken to Grellig’s office, where they are kept safe from any pursuit. Jayvin arrives shortly thereafter, having recieved a message from Grellig’s associates.

The party explain to him the events of the evening, and he informs them that Gold Isle has been locked down due to a “security breach” of unknown origins. Belias’ sister, Anora, is still on the island.

The child is placed in protective custody, and the Firstborn are escorted home. The waiting game begins once more, as the slave ring slowly comes to light. Anora is returned home safely a few hours later.

The Firstborn all notice that they’ve acquired watchers, from three different factions. Staff from the school, Jayvin’s fellow Shadows, and a third party, presumably from those that wish the conspiracy would stay a secret.



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