I think, therefore I am.

Warforged were first created as a frontline of defense against The Tide. Mixing Dwarven craftsmanship and Elven Life Magic, the Kingdoms had a relatively cheap and effective fighting force at their disposal. Once the assembly lines were completed, the Kingdoms were able to suppliment every squad of soldiers with the “walking shields.”

The early Warforged models had a prime directive to protect their living allies at all costs. Unburdened by self awareness, the Warforged would loyally place themselves between the rushing Tide and their companions. Heedless of their iminent destruction, the Warforged fought to their end. Embedded in their command protocol was the direction to grab any fallen warforged when they had the chance, to be sent back to the factory for “replacement parts.”

Thousands of Warforged were built, destroyed and salvaged during the years of battle. The Factory started creating different models of Warforged, ranging from infantry to recon. Larger, stronger models, known as Juggernauts, were created to withstand epic amounts of abuse while dishing out death to all enemies.

Then, one day, It happened. An infantry model, the first of a new line, was given an order to cover the escape of his harried patrol. The order specifically said to fight until deactivation due to damage. The Captain who gave the order, Marus Vilden, had chalked the mission up for a loss and wanted the extra time to get his troops, his living troops, to safety.

The Warforged, Model Number Alpha-Zero-One, looked Captain Vilden in the eye, and said,”No.”

Alpha-Zero-One suggested another alternative, a tactical retreat utilizing the remaining soldiers’ skills that would guarantee a survival rate of 88%. Alpha-Zero-One also explained to Captain Vilden the flaw in the original plan of escape. The Tide, Alpha reasoned, would see though the ruse, and would send their scouts through different channels to cut off the escape of the Squad, making the survival rate 13%.

Reports vary on what Captain Vilden’s reaction was due to the fact that a goblin sorcerer chose that very moment to launch a magical volley at the unsuspecting squad.

The survivors of the squad, whom had followed Alpha’s lead and survived more or less intact, say that Vilden’s last words were “Umm…yeah.”


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