Section 8

Section 8, primarily a three operative team, was responsible for some of the most infamous and horrendous acts leading up to and during the War of the Black. Some even whisper that they were directly responsible for the War, but few comment on that topic at all, and never,ever at night.

Terrorism, infiltration, sabotage, espionage, assassination, arson, mutilation, kidnapping, inciting riots, and collapsing goverment infrastructure are just the highlights in Section 8’s long, bloody reign.

The founding triumverate of Section 8 were Mak, Nihl, and Vydania. All three were once soldiers or mercenaries at the front lines of the Unclaimed. Through a series of unfortunate events, complex double crosses and betrayals, the three found themselves at odds with both Tide and Empire forces. Trapped in a burnt out guard outpost, the three forged a temporary partnership that would forever alter the course of history and change the dynamics of many realms, including Four of the Nine Hells. The unholy trio found their way out of the Unclaimed Territories, and under the guidance of a goblin fatespinner named Shin, they started on their journey of destruction.

Pre War

Section 8

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