Raymond the Black

Raymond Dal’Varan, as The Black was once known, hailed from the outskirts of High Barrows. Orphaned at the age of ten, Raymond lived on the streets of the city. He spend time in and out of the Sisters of Divine Mercy Orphanage. He quickly came to dislike the orphanage, seeing it as an institution designed around degrading free thinkers, and actively quashing beliefs in any God other than Jiris, the Eternal Mother.

Raymond first developed interest in death while body snatching for a secret cabal of necromancers living in the catacombs beneath High Barrows. The cabal saw promise in the eager mind of Raymond, and he was made an apprentice.

During his down time, Raymond wandered the massive catacombs that held the countless bones of the armies that fell during the War of Shadow. It is believed that during one of these forays, Raymond stumbled upon the sanctified burial chamber of the Knight of Shadows.

At the age of 18, Raymond was leader of the cabal, having exhibited power and knowledge beyond that of anyone his age. Turning the cabal from a studious group of minor magic users into a true death cult, Raymond started drawing attention of very important people, on both sides of the spectrum.

The city of High Barrows sent a contigent of knights into the catacombs. After a long drawn out battle, the Knights eventually captured Raymond. A group of rogue operatives, known as Section 8 freed Raymond from the prisons of High Barrows. Raymond’s escape eventually led to the War of the Black, a conflict that almost ripped the world apart.

Raymond the Black

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