Jiris, Eternal Mother, Queen of the Moon and Stars.

Many of the Elven Nation make up Jiris’ flock. Since the War of the Black, Grey elves have begun worshipping at Jiris’ pre-dawn ceremonies. Prayers to Jiris grew strongest during the Eternal Night, when The Black’s power was at its peak.

Shadis, The Horned God. God of War and Strength.

Shadis, Wallbreaker, is father of the First Race, Minotaur, flies his banner proudly over all the clans. Strength holds no allegiance to any one ideal. In addition to Minotaur, Shadis’ symbol is seen decorating medals and awards given to soldiers for outstanding service, on either side of the warfront.

Cade, The Watcher, God of Luck and Travel, twin of Cruis.

Cade, Pathfinder, Patron diety of free spirits and gamblers, Cade’s followers rarely know of his influence over them. After the War, Cade’s smile shone upon countless pilgrims and travellers trying to find a new home amid the destruction of the world. Cade is the Father of the Second Race, humans.

Cruis, The Shadow, God of Thieves and Secrets,twin brother of Cade.

Cruis, the Eye in the Dark, has seen a large jump in followers since the War. Ranging from tomb raiders and grave robbers to information merchants, Cruis has spread his shadow wide over the world. His newest projects ferret out Tide agents and sympathizers of The Black, and hold their secrets over their head for Cruis’ own purposes.

Esmara, Lightbringer, Goddess of the Sun and Healing.

Esmara, The Golden Light, lost a large number of her followers during the War. Her devout now travel the land, attempting to bring warmth back to the souls of the people, and restore calm amidst the turmoil of the reconstruction.

Kiris, The Justicar, Goddess of Justice and Retribution.

Kiris, The Divine Wrath, has swept her gaze across the land, far and wide, and has attempted to restore order throughout the land. Her Inquisitors are found in even the darkest corners of the Realm, dealing our harsh justice that sometimes overshadow the crime.

Sovena, the Dragoness, Goddess of Nature, Mother of Dragons.

Sovena, The Glittering Scale, has given her followers all of her attention, assisting them in healing the scarred world after the War with The Black. The world has seen a resurgance of draconic blood, which most deem a good omen. Some historians still fear the Return of the Dragon Kings, knowing a cataclysmic event such as that might put the still wounded land beyond repair completely. Sovena is the Mother of the Third Race, Kobolds.

Tagin, the Outcast, God of Life and Death.

Tagin, The Mirrormask, has struggled to maintain his internal balance during the War and the following Reconstruction. Half of his mind relishes in the countless deaths that befell the Realm, while the other half wept for the loss of life.


Molded from the primordial energies that created the earth, the Abstracts were given life by Jiris, The Eternal Mother. Since the world’s birth, there have been numerous Abstracts that have risen and fallen, along with civilizations, beliefs, and ways of life. Below are the Eternals.

Kin’varos, Scourge.

Of all the original Abstracts, Kin’varos was the first to become Eternal. His ruthless tactics and greed propelled him to Godhood early on, and the world has suffered ever since. Kin’varos was borne of anger and envy.

Granok The Hearthmaster, God of the Dwarves.

Granok, originally a hearth spirit, has protected his people over the eons, passing a sliver of his essence to a dwarf to wield as Champion. This Champion, known as the Drax, walks the lands, defending dwarven holds and cities with an axe of fire and rock, forged from gifts given to Granok by Slithisin and Glengtokar. Granok was borne from feelings of security and safety.

Alee-Ayar, the Wee Man, patron of Gnomes and Halflings.

Followers of Alee-Ayar seek to learn, strictly for the sake of learning. Whether it be to explore the untamed wilds, or crack open the silver egg to see whats inside, The Wee Man’s folk are never more than a few steps ahead of mischief. Alee-Ayar was borne from wanderlust and curiosity.

Frahaln- Master of the Hunt.

Frahaln smiles upon any who work towards restoring Nature. Druids routinely gain her favor, and many elves find Frahaln’s beliefs to coincide with their own. Frahaln was borne from the joy of the sun on one’s face and the wind in one’s hair, and the moment of peace when one sways with the tune of Nature.

Elemental Lords

Ageless entities that were around before Jiris entered this Realm, the Elemental Lords provided Her with the means to harness the cosmos. It is unknown if the Lords have loyalties in the Realm, but a select few believe that they are extentions of a vast consciousness that saturates all realms in the Multiverse.

Slithisin- Lord of Fire

Arivinial- Lord of Air

Glengtokar- Lord of the Earth

Uliar- Lord of the Sea


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