Kin’Varos, The Scourge of the Realm

While the other gods were nurturing and coddling their followers, Kin’Varos was training his to be the baddest motherfuckers in the realms. Being one of the second wave of gods, Kin’Varos was enraged that he hadn’t be born of the Eternal Mother, but rather created from an abstract. When the Abstract discovered he had the power to play God, he did just that. Kin’Varos stole the Essence of Creation from the Eternal Mother’s palace, and created a race of monsters he affectionately calls his ‘Favored Sons.’

His Graks are physically capable of handling there own against a minotaur, one on one, and are suprisingly good at thinking outside of the box. The Graks stand about seven and a half to eight foot tall, and weigh in over 400 lbs. They have dark green skin, and purple eyes. Their blood is bright purple as well. These are the generals, tacticians, and supreme warriors of Kin’varos’ scourge. All Graks are given a ceremonial set of plate armor after their Rite into WarriorHood. This Any Grak who loses his armor, for whatever reason, is considered a failure and will be looked down upon by others of his kind. Graks who gain this outcast status very rarely earn it back.

The next rung down the ladder is the goblins, which are physically capable of handling themselves on one on with an average human. They are crafty, and somewhat intelligent knowing more than their fair share of dirty tricks and pack tactics. Goblins are also the only race in the world that are inherent sorcerers. They are able to shape the raw energy that surrounds them into subtle and sometimes deadly affects.

No one knows for sure why the goblins are the most able conduits of this type of magic, and few have been able to corner one to study it alive. The fact that sorcerers are undetectable from normal goblins is a terrifying concept on its own. Add in their cunning and mass numbers, and you have a good idea of what Kin’Varos’ forces are capable of. They are green skinned, more of a light olive as opposed to the darker Graks. The goblins, along with the kobolds, are the brunt of Kin’varos’ force.

The last tier is the highly underrated kobolds. They these short, red furred creatures are physically capable of handling a younger human, like a teenager, or a gnome or halfling. They tend to be the peons of the goblinoids, but are given some grudging respect because of their ability to train just about any animal as mounts. While a kobold by itself isn’t much of a threat to anyone, a pack of them is considered a problem, while a pack of armed kobolds riding dire bats or hyenas is seen as a major threat.

Kin’varos has also managed to force control on the roaming tribes of gnolls, orcs, and hobgoblins that occupy the Tide lands. They are usually conscripted into his armies, or hired as mercenaries. They all possess average intelligence, with the gnolls being bigger than the other two. All can have a priest and or a wizard in their tribes.

During the Reign of The Black, Kin’Varos grudgingly aided the other races. He lifted his oppressive will on his countless subjects, and allowed them, for the first time, to make the choice whether to stay out of the way or join the war. To everyone’s suprise, especially Kin’Varos’, a large number of Tide joined the war, playing crucial roles in the conflicts.

After the war, while these defectors were grudgingly lauded as heroes by the other races, Kin’Varos labeled them as traitors to the Spiked Crown, and placed a Deathmark upon all of them. Should any of them try and return to their homelands, they will be killed on sight.

This action just affirms to the rest of the world that Kin’Varos had something to do with Raymond the Black’s rise to power, and only allowed his people to help after The Black double crossed him.

Having played both sides of the war, Kin’Varos managed to seize control of the Coldforge of Druith’kan, an ancient dwarven stronghold historically known for its ability to produce magnificent arms and armor the likes of which haven’t been seen in ages. Now if only his minions can figure out how to fire the forges up.


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