Alpha is the name of the mysterious leader of the newly established Warforged Nation. The title Alpha was taken from the original Warforged to achieve self awareness, Alpha-Zero-One.

Since Warforged were accepted as a sentient race, one of their kind has always been the unspoken leader. The title of Alpha is passed on from one to another, in a seemingly random way. Trusting some innate sense, the current Alpha will search for the proper candidate on a wandering mission.

Sages speculate that some God has taken an interest in the Warforged, and given the title of Alpha some mystical bond with the race as a whole. The Acension Trek that the current Alpha goes on is a strong urge that the Alpha seems unable to stop. Once the Alpha finds his replacement, a simple ritual transfers leadership from one Warforged to another. The new leader foregoes his real name and becomes known as Alpha.

The old Alpha regains his former identity, with no one being the wiser of his former status.

The only publicly named Alpha was a Warforged Recon model known as Quill. He was a surviving member of the Riders of Rey’Leiar, having been instrumental in the defeat of Raymond The Black.

Quill was the Alpha that petitioned the Kingdoms to recognize Warforged as an independent nation. Due to his exploits during the war, and the influence of his former companions, the Riders of Rey’Leiar, the Kingdoms agreed to this request.


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