Kro'Vax Greenleaf Jorgson


Kro’Vax or Kro has a slender but lithe build. Stands about 5’5" and only weighing in at about 105 lbs. He appears to be an elf for all intents and purposes, however, he is not an elf. He is a half-elf. He is constantly in his wizardly garb with the cowl of his magical cloak pulled low over his face. His eyes, while having a slightly reddish tint denote an immense intelligence. Those that find themselves in Kro’s presence for long notice that he has a mild ash/smoke aroma, as if he was sitting near a campfire constantly. His blood red hair is a bit passed his shoulders when it isn’t pulled back, again rarely seen due to his cloak. His visible spell pouches hang from his belt, with more components secreted inside his robes. He carries a staff of unremarkable design or quality. He hardly ever removes his backpack, and only when he is sitting, studying or sleeping. Upon closer examination, you see that he has a sling of remarkable quality also hanging from his belt, and a masterwork dagger sheathed on his hip. His afore mentioned cloak is done in a decidedly web like pattern. His boots are also of a magical nature and appear to be fur lined. His gloves and armbands again appear to radiate magical auras. What draws the attention of the casual observer however, is the amulet that Kro wears, on the occasion that he slips it out of his robes. Being of an ancient design, Kro is never seen without it. He appears to stare off when he gazes upon the worn peice of art.


Kro is an orphan. Of that he is certain, well as certain as anyone can be that is. No one he currently knows has any information to the contrary or know anything about his past. Kro, himself only knows scant details surrounding his history. He knows he is from an island inhabited by a powerful elven mage family and the village that sprung up around it. Ellenias. That’s the name of the powerful mage family. His family. He doesn’t know his direct bloodline aside from being a member of this family. Due to a tragedy, the entire inhabitants of this community perished. All, but two that is. Kro was smuggled out of this community by a servant girl before all this happened or as it happened. He can’t remember. All he knows is that he was found snuggled up to the serving girl’s corpse in a small boat, adrift on the edge of the uncharted seas. Barely alive, the merchant who found him took him and what little that was found with him to the orphanage. The merchant left a letter for Kro, explaining that he buried the woman, not knowing who she was of course. The only thing that was found with him was the amulet that he now treasures. Time passed as time always does. Kro found it difficult to make friends and decided to forego the experience all together. No one seemed to be intelligent. So he avoided connections with people beyond the social norm. He watched as everyone that came into the oprhanage were all adopted, save him. At first, this didn’t seem to bother him but as time continued to pass, his bitterness grew. He began to roam late at night to be alone with his thoughts. This was the only freedom he felt he had. A couple of years later, Kro was startled by a strange occurance. During one of his late night jaunts, he happened upon a person about his own age sneaking into the orphange. This struck him as strange, because most people sneak out. Confronting the individual, he found someone that he could actually talk to. He felt that his person was different and decided to keep the break in to himself. This person, Glimyr by name started coming around during the day to talk. They quickly became what Kro had been lacking for quite some time. Friends. They were always together. Glimyr became the mouth and Kro was the mind. Glimyr surprised Kro, by introducing him to his parents. They, according to Glimyr recognized Kro’s potential immediately. Shortly thereafter, he was adopted by the Jorgson family. The parentals let Kro come and go as he wished and allowed him to keep to himself. Later, he found out that he and his friends, for now he has a couple more, were all born on the same day, at the same time, under the same sign. Unusual. Time passed. Kro began his quest to discover what he could of his home and history. All he has is the name Ellenias and his amulet and a few scant memories of an island. After visiting the merchant who found him, and finally convincing him that Kro is who he found by showing him the letter, the merchant finally explained all that he knew. Which of course wasn’t much. He was found at sea with a dead woman and an amulet. A log book had the name Ellenias but everything else was ruined due to water damage. Kro took his time away from school to study as many charts as possible to create a world map and perhaps one day discover where he comes from. Other than that….the rest is history.

Kro'Vax Greenleaf Jorgson

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