Glimyr Jorgson

Glimyr is of average height with a slightly slimmer than average build. He has medium length tawny hair and shrewd hazel eyes and is cleanly shaven. He is fond of utilizing disguises and so may be dressed in any imaginable way.


Rogue level 2
HP 21 AC 17
Str 12 Dex 18 Con 12 Int 16 Wis 12 Cha 14
BaB +1
F= +2
R= +7
W= +3

Sneak Attack +1d6
Trapfinding +1
Quick Disguise


Glimyr always knew that he and his friends were special compared the vast majority of his peers in Last Stand, but one day became aware that they were born under and extremely auspicious sign. Though many might be excited by such a prospect, the reality that this put him and his friends in grave danger was quick to dawn upon him when others began to turn up missing or dead.
Glimyr’s family have much to do with his career path.
When he was a small child he quickly caught on to the fact that he had an exceptional mind capable of understanding material far beyond most children his age and he day dreamed about using this talent to pursue magic and become a powerful archmage. As it turned out his natural interests had more to do with sneaking about, swimming, climbing, and carousing. As such he was not a bad student by any means but devoted minimal effort to studying tombs and managed to learn almost nothing of magic. His parents supported his active habits by encouraging him to learn how to avoid getting caught and to understand and manipulate people to his desires.
When he was a little older his family became complete with the addition of his step-brother Kro. They had met on a chance occasion where Glimyr had snuck to the orphanage after dark. They quickly became friends and Glimyr’s heart went out to the lonely, odd, and misunderstood boy. It was easy to convince his parents to adopt Kro as they saw everything in him that Glimyr had seen.
From that point the four were inseparable. On the surface they were well-known as an extremely intelligent, well-worded family but some of their favorite games would have been considered improper by many adults. These involved dressing up in costumes, balderdash style word games, charades, eavesdropping, and even acting or storytelling.
Glimyr now adds his considerable skill and education to that of his comrades who seek nothing more than to not be hounded by their ancestry. He is all but destined to follow in his parent’s footsteps and become a master spy.

Glimyr Jorgson

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