Last Stand

Days Gone By

Echoes from the Past

After the Blackmoor house shifts back to it’s regular place in reality, the party realizes that they are the equivalent of a smoking gun. They are in a house with the remains of 20 dead people, all prominent members of High Barrows aristocracy.

A quick check will show that it is morning. There are guards around the premise, and a cordon has been established around the property. There are servants of the now deceased Blackmoor family answering questions. For some reason, the wards haven’t been lowered.
The perceptive members of the party notice that there is a Warforged standing across the street, staring impassively at the house. It can easily be taken as a statue.
From inside, the party sees a city mage scrawl out formulas on the ground, trying to find a way to break the enchantments so the City Guard can enter the house. The Firstborn, at the final moment, decide to lower the wards from the inside.
They are taken out of the house under close guard, with black bags over their heads. Once at the guardhouse, they are seperated, and each is questioned by a guard. Walter Greywell, the Captain of the Guard, questions Silver Fox, who identifies the party as the Firstborn. The rest of the party keeps their true identities secret, unsure who exactly they can trust.
The guards offer their protection, informing the prisoners that their presence within the Blackmoor house, and having witnessed the failed ritual, makes them a target from any Tide agents in the city. Once all have been questioned, they are lead to a conference room.
The party is informed that in reality, three days have passed, and that Torrin Ashe has been voted in as the Commander of the Riders of Rey’Leiar.
The captain of the guard, Walter Greywall, is the brother of Willem Greywall, Tharnak’s first mate.
He confronts the party for lying to him and his men, telling them that if they are to be kept safe, he should have known who they really were.
While he is in discussion with them, he is called out to the hallway. The party shares their information, including the fact that Walter is the brother of one of their enemies from days past.

A commotion erupts in the hallway, and a Warforged, bearing the markings of the Glass Arrows, tells them that he is there to rescue them. As they leave the conference room, they see guardsmen fighting with mercenaries, and they see Walter Greywell slumped down at the end of the hallway, incapacitated. The Warforged leads them out into the street, towards a safehouse. The City Quarter is chaotic, as buildings are burning, and people are surging away from the attack on the guardhouse.

As the Warforged leads the Firstborn down an alleyway that leads to the safehouse, he breaks away to fight two approaching mercenaries. The last member down the alleyway notices that the Warforged and the attackers are stage fighting. An explosion rocks the buildings at the alley opening, and collapses some of the stone. The party finds themselves in a dead end alley. Enemies appear from the tops of the buildings. Sorcerers, backed with some heavy crossbowmen.
Three heavily armed warriors appear in the alley and attack. Belias is wounded gravely, and with quick thinking by Glimyr and Kro, they manage to fend off the ambush. Two prisoners are taken and questioned, which gives little information as to who their attackers were.

Knowing that they cannot trust anyone at this moment, the Firstborn make their way back to the Keep, and are immediately taken into a meeting with Commander Ashe.
Torrin and Dorgen are both worried about the potential traitor in the Glass Arrows’ midst, and send Akram Halfhand to round up all the Arrows and question them.

The party had by this time, realized that Ashen hasn’t been with them since they left the Blackmoor house. Belias and Silver Fox head into High Barrows to find him, while the rest of the party stays back to rest.



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