Last Stand

An Unexpected Delay

Cats and Chains and broken things.

While the party is getting ready for their midnight departure, wrapping up loose ends, and selling anything they don’t want to take with them, excitement is high.
About 10 pm, they hear a ruckus in the halls. When they go to investigate, they see Dorgen and Halfhand discussing something in the hallway, along with Chinak.
“How the hell did they get up there?” Halfhand asks, looking up, way up, at the minotaur.
Growling, Chinak says “they must have magicked themselve up there, no one has gone past me since the departure orders were given..Captain.”
The party notices that Chinak is still a bit apprehensive about Halfhand being named new captain of Nights’ End.

Halfhand spots the group, and flags them over. Dorgen follows Chinak up the stairs, while the dwarf fills them in. Someone managed to sneak aboard the ship and disable the couplings and the control panel. Without everything in working order, the Air Elemental isn’t inclined to obey, grounding the airship. He takes the party up to investigate.
Knowing the Firstborn are more perceptive than most, Akram wants them to look over the scene.

After looking at the scene, the party sees that there is a definite pattern to the destruction. It was all done by someone, or a group of someones, roughly 5 and a half feet tall. Right handed, and done with a compact bludgeoning weapon, probably a hammer or club.
The person who did this knew the right things to hit to disable the most equipment in the shortest time.
There are only a handful of engineers in the city that could have a) known what the panel was, b) known the most efficient way to disable it.

Upon inspection, there is a small, very small, tuft of fur attached to the edge of one of the ships railings. It looks like cat fur.
The damage is fairly recent, say, within half an hour.

As the group is checking out the ship, they notice a shadow creeping over the edge of the ship onto the roof of the keep.

A chase ensues. The party attempts to keep up. The figure, cloaked all in black, leaps off the roof, disappearing into the mist and smoke below. Instead of going straight down, the figure uses ledges, flag poles, banners and edges of the building to move around the keep, to the ground on the other side. Ashen, using his own preternatural dexterity, manages to keep up for a while. Kro leaps off the edge and free falls, enacting feather fall at the last minute. He tracks the figure from the ground, looking to head them off.
Before he is stunned by a smoke grenade, Ashen identifies the figure as Parrea, the female catwalk from Last Stand, who is also a Firstborn. After losing her, the party returns to the task at hand.

Someone disabled the airship for a reason. The question is who, and why? The why is pretty simple, the firstborn have a lot of enemies in the city, and if they are kept here longer, they can be dealt with before they leave.

The best person in town who would know about the panel on the airships is an engineer by the name of Max. he lives in a barn converted into a workshop. He may know something. Max is a former engineer for the Empire, a disgruntled ex employee who’s loyalty may lie with the Tide.
When they approach max’s workshop, the lights are on, but no one seems to be home. The place is a large building, filled with junk. Ropes of chains hang from the rafters all over, giving the place an ominous feel. Upstairs is the drafting table and bedroom of Max. Half the party is hiding in the chain wrapped rafters, while Ashen creeps upstairs. Slumped over the table, is a dead body. As Ashen closes, the Kyton drops the disguise, and attacks Ashen. At the same time, the chains below lash out, entangling the Firstborn hiding in the rafters.
The Kyton was sent to kill the party, and take Kro alive. The killing of the party is for the Crimson Fork, but the imprisonment of Kro is for his masters, the Cabal of Rust.



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